Thursday, August 15, 2013

What is pacing time and why to use pacing time?

Pacing time is used to control the pace of the users in load test. This helps us to accurately achieve desired load against application under test. Pacing is the wait time between the action iterations.

The pacing is set in run time setting as shown below.

We have following options for pacing:

1. As soon as the previous iteration ends: Loadrunner starts the next iteration as soon as possible after the previous iteration ends.

2. After the previous iteration ends: In this Loadrunner starts each new iteration after a specified amount of time, the end of the previous iteration. We can either give an exact number of seconds or a range of time.

3. At <fixed/random>intervals: In this we can specify the time between iteration either a fixed number of seconds or a range of seconds from the beginning of the previous iteration. The next scheduled iteration will only begin when the previous iteration is complete.

Why to use pacing time?
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Pacing time is used to control the transactions passed during the test and the hits on Application under test.

I will explain How to calculate the pacing time and think time? In my next post so stay tuned. Happy Learning!!!

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