Saturday, June 1, 2013

You must keep a tab on below points for VuGen and controller.

In our daily routine, we forget a lot of things like forgetting keys, forgetting to set alarm, but my favourite is forgetting my access card ;). The best part of this is you can learn move a step ahead towards perfection. I believe you are perfectionists. Coming straight to the point following are a few things we must keep in mind to avoid such mistakes while running load tests:

  1. When a script is opened in Controller, run-time settings are copied from VuGen to controller.
  2. Any changes done in the script and run-time settings done on VuGen after loading in controller are not reflected in the controller unless you refresh them.
  3. Refresh in controller can be done by going to Design tab > Scenario Groups pane >Details >Refresh a drop down will come with options for Scripts and Runtime Settings. So when controller asks to load new script iteration settings do the refresh.
  4. Click here to know more
  5. You have option while doing Save As:
    1. The Default directory in VuGen can be changed by going to vugen.ini file located under C:\Program Files\HP\Loadrunner\config and appending the required file path to LastScriptPath, as shown below.

    1. Also, the Default directory in Controller can be changed by going to wlrun.ini file located under C:\Program Files\HP\LoadRunner\config and appending the required file path to M_ROOT
  1. While debugging scripts in VuGen ignore the think time but while playing back in Controller use as recorded or as per requirement of test. Because while load testing purpose is to emulate real world users and not to held a competition to find a super user who completes the Business scenario in one breath.
Hope you will keep this in mind. VuGen scripting best practices coming soon. Stay Tuned!!

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