Thursday, April 11, 2013

What are rendezvous points and policy?

While running a scenario, you can instruct multiple Vusers to perform tasks simultaneously by using rendezvous points. A rendezvous point creates intense user load on the server and enables LoadRunner to measure server performance under load.

Suppose you want to measure how a Web-based banking system performs when ten Vusers simultaneously login. To emulate the required user load on the server, you instruct all the Vusers to login at exactly the same time.

You ensure that multiple Vusers act simultaneously by creating a rendezvous point. When a Vuser arrives at the rendezvous point, it waits there for others to gather (specified number of Vusers).

Rendezvous policy is criteria according to which the Controller releases the Vusers from the rendezvous point either when the required number of Vusers arrives, or when a specified amount of time has passed. We have four options:
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1.       Release when X% of all Vusers arrives at the rendezvous.

2.       Release when X% of all running Vusers arrive at the rendezvous.

3.       Release when X Vusers arrive at the rendezvous.

4.       Timeout between Vusers. (Default 30 seconds)


  1. Nice.. A nice definition and clear example.. Something i was looking for.. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Jaya. Enjoy reading other posts as well. I really appreciate the comments from readers.

    Happy Learning!!!

  3. Hi Devendra
    If I have 90 users in total and I want to release 30 users at a time in three lots. How do I achieve this with the above settings.

  4. Hi N,

    In this case you have to the policy to "Release when X vusers arrive at the rendezvous" and set the number of users to 30.