Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to get host name and IP address of system in Loadrunner?

This is so interesting and just like getting to know about you, the eternal feeling of yourself. Sometimes, while running test we want to know the Vuser IP and Load generators where they are running or getting data clustered in form of IP or LG in particular; this will be so handy in these case. In this script I have used lr_get_host_name() and lr_get_vuser_ip() function of Loadrunner.

char * my_host;char *ip;

my_host = lr_get_host_name( );
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lr_output_message("%s", my_host);

ip = lr_get_vuser_ip();

if (ip)

lr_output_message("The IP address is %s", ip);


lr_output_message("IP spoofing disabled");

return 0;

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